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Posting this because my mom & I are constantly fighting because she says I’m “too beautiful” to be dressing this “boyish.” She looks at me in disgust when I dress “dykish” and I know she doesn’t mean to or have any idea what it does to me, but it hurts like a bitch. Anyways, I know I’m not the only one struggling daily with this. You’re not alone. You want to throw on a dress tomorrow? Fucking do it. Or the next day a pair of joggers and janoskis? Go fucking for it. Fuck it. The way you dress does not define who or what you like. & yes, me personally; fucking gay. But I dress however I please and you can too. So fuck the bullshit and dress however the mother fuck you want home girl.









Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

fuckin slay


This was fucking hilarious and then shit got WAY real


LMFAOOOO I was finna be mad as shit but this shit was hilarious and golden.

WELL DONE good good


USWNT vs Mexico on Flickr.

So ran into ya girl ashlyn harris at the NC state womens soccer game today


So ran into ya girl ashlyn harris at the NC state womens soccer game today


UNC Women’s Soccer  @UNCwomensSoccer  

Alum takeover #TFLFforever

DeAndre Yedlin asked by Anon 


USWNT vs Mexico on Flickr.

ian gallagher + faceless


















Bed Talks: Sam Pepper and VeeOneEye

Watch on YouTube HERE

(legally I should say these are all “allegations”)

Support the girls, check the links below the video on YouTube

I love you

i love you too!

the fact that this has less than 100 notes really pisses me off, signal boost this guys everyone needs to hear this

This is so important, let’s not put it down the carpet

Okay I can see sam pepper but Jason is good guy he wouldn’t ever do something like that

Do you know Jason personally? A lot of serial killer’s friends/family would say the same thing. “He’d never do something like that” I’m not saying he did but multiple girls have spoken out and you can go watch their videos if you’d like, like I said, I linked them below.

the sam pepper thing, he is harassing. but one my question to you is, you can not go on the claim of multiple girls coming out saying oh he raped me, and two weeks later another one says of he raped me and on and on, in the past and this is true, women from everywhere around the world, have falsely accused men especially famous guys of rape, and i think its fucking crazy, and im not saying that all are doing that, you dont know if sam is raping people, and the veeoneye thing was proven false, because he has had girls at the age of 15 telling him they are 18, i think thats fucking nuts because it does happen. alot too. but i need to ask this, why is it that you are joining the lacy green lynch mob about sam pepper, i mean i understand this shit, i understand the whole outrage of the claims, but i think its crazy that how many women have been saying oh flag him off youtube, get him arrested, but yall dont know he did it, yall dont have proof on it, all you have is verbal accounts from people who are throwing it on the internet instead of going to the cops, any rational person who was raped and could actually think and was not blaming themselves WOULD GO TO THE POLICE. 

Excuse me???? Have you ever been raped????? Do you know how traumatic it is??? Do you know how many girls have been laughed off by police, do you know how many famous males have raped young females and gotten off and both ruined the girls’ lives simply because they can afford a better attorney.

I dare you to watch this and then say that shit again:

And do you know how many guys have bee falsely accused of rape by psychopathic feminist women? Fucking tonnes, I know guys who have had their ENTIRE LIVES RUINED because the police believed some dumbass teeny bopper that couldn’t keep her legs shut. So you shut the fuck up.

lmfao wow, not this stupid as feminist chart again

But it’s true???? It’s statistically true????? You don’t like facts??? You think rape is okay???? Leave.

oh my god. I love you now. 

Thank u omg, im so happy, finally someone is talking ! Ilysm

The voices in my head user is fucking right. All this fuckimg feminism is wrong. Do you have proof? I disagree on the Laci Green thing though. And all ese “rape” confessions coming up? And also to the person who said “have you ever been raped?” I highly fucking doubt you need to be raped or you have to be assaulted to have some kind of common sense. Oh let’s post a video on YouTube and not tell the cops. These are fuckin teenage girls talking shit and trying to be famous. Unless it’s proven that they were raped, I refuse to believe anything they say. Why the fuck wouldn’t you go to the police? Online you show everyone how ‘mature’ and ‘yay feminism’ you are but in reality you refuse to use your common sense and rational thinking? And no. I am in no way supporting Sam. I know he’s an asshole for pinching those ladies’ asses and kissing girls and stuff. But rape? No. I doubt. Also also also, those screenshots from the girl’s phone, sam asking her to meet up at her house, does she not have common sense that the boy would obviously try to make a move on her and that she should say no? Hey shed atleast have that much common sense. Thanks

1. Have you ever been raped? It’s the most traumatic experience. It’s been 4 years and I still don’t have the guts to tell my parents let alone the police, especially with the victim shaming that goes on.

2. You proved my victim shaming point by saying she should have known he would sexually assault her and grope her because she agreed to hang out.

3. The girl who posted the 15 minute video bawling and shaking and describing the rape, has no name and no face, she’s not trying to get famous. 

4. I already said these were “allegations” and what I’ve seen. 


Waiting for the E&E show like…

@emasar3: 👊 yourself @cmoscato4 but seriously GOOD LUCK… Now just close your eyes, breathe … Haha #ptMasar


@emasar3: 👊 yourself @cmoscato4 but seriously GOOD LUCK… Now just close your eyes, breathe … Haha #ptMasar


Drone footage taken at the Occupy Central demonstrations in Hong Kong

Video embedded below: